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“Car won't start. Me, panic. Mike, no problem. Cost for parts, labor, and peace of mind....NOTHING. Thanks Mike and all the mechanics at the only repair shop in Columbus. 👍”

Kim Beranek

Jul 15, 2020 – Columbus , OH

“My family and I were driving home from Hocking Hills in the pouring rain when our wipers stopped working. We were scared and stuck, but lucky enough to be near Mike’s Tuffy shop. While they were repairing our car, Mike went way above and beyond by driving our family to the local mall so we wouldn’t have to spend that time sitting in the shop. That level of customer care just doesn’t happen. We got to go and watch a movie while the repairs were getting done. With two kids, this was a true blessing! Mike, thank you so much for your kindness!! ”

Penny Y

Sep 05, 2017 – Youngstown, OH

“Mike – I can’t thank you enough for the kindness you showed on Wednesday when I stopped in “late” and you were still willing to take a look at my vehicle, with the tire about ready to fall off. It is very nerve-racking when something like this happens to my car and my knowledge of anything car-related is astronomically low. Not only did you put my mind at ease, but then you drove me ~45 miles home. I can’t think of anything that meets the definition of going “above and beyond” more than that! You should be proud of how you take care of customers…it truly is a phenomenon in any industry, but particularly in the car repair field. You are one of a kind! ”

Krista N

May 12, 2017 – Thornville, OH