Coolant System Services

Riding in your car should be a comfortable experience no matter the season. Keep your vehicles coolant system working great by keeping up with your vehicles manufacturers recommended maintenance.

Your vehicle’s engine generates a tremendous amount of heat in normal operations. The combustion process can generate as much as 4,500 degrees of heat. These high temperatures can quickly destroy your engine, leaving you stranded on the side of the road with an engine that’s destroyed and beyond repair.

The coolant system helps to protect the engine from overheating and the damage that can cause. Our shop offers coolant services to help you keep your engine running at optimal levels.

What Is the Cooling System?

The cooling system is made up of several components that help keep the vehicle's engine cool. These include:

Water pump – The water pump pushes the coolant through the hoses to various parts of your engine to help cool it off. Without this, the engine’s pistons will get so hot they would actually melt inside the cylinders, causing catastrophic engine failure.

Belt – A belt runs the water pump. From time to time it will need replacing.

Freeze plugs – Freeze plugs protect the engine block if the coolant freezes. They’re designed to expand or pop if the coolant freezes to prevent it from reaching the engine block.

Thermostat – The thermostat measures the engine’s temperature and triggers the cooling system when things get too hot.

Radiator – The radiator is a tank that holds the coolant, which is typically a mixture of antifreeze and water.

Cooling Fans – These fans blow fresh air over the radiator to keep the coolant cool.

Heater Core – The heater core has a small fan that blows air into the cabin when the heater is turned on. This helps move some of the engine’s heat into your car to keep you comfortable.

Pressure Cap – This cap covers the radiator to maintain pressure within the cooling system. It should never be removed except by a skilled, knowledgeable mechanic.

Overflow Tank – When coolant gets hot, it will expand. The overflow tank holds the coolant when this happens.

Hoses – The hoses move the coolant through the system to keep things cool.

The coolant system has many moving parts. If any one of these is not working properly, it can let the engine overheat. Keeping all of these components working properly requires the help of a skilled mechanic.

What Is Included with Cooling System Services?

When you bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for coolant system services, we will:

  • Check the volume of the coolant
  • Check the pressure conditions of the coolant systems
  • Inspect the radiator hoses and check for signs of wear
  • Check the engine belts

If we find any problems with these, we will address them to ensure your engine continues to run cool and is protected from the damage that occurs with overheating.

Does My Car Need a Coolant Flush?

As with most fluids in your vehicle, your coolant can pick up grit and grime as it does its job. A coolant flush involves draining the coolant, cleaning the coolant system, and replacing the coolant with new, clean fluids.

During a coolant system flush, our technicians will drain the coolant and then add a cleaner to the cooling system. This removes sediment and rust from the inside of the system, which helps protect it from damage. After the cleaner has done its job, it will be flushed thoroughly. Then we will add new antifreeze, water, and conditioner that protects against corrosion.

Coolant flushes should be performed about every 30,000 miles or every three years, whichever comes first. This service increases the lifespan of the coolant system and helps you avoid serious costly repairs.

Trust Our Team for Coolant System Services

Don’t wait until your vehicle is starting to get too hot, have the coolant system maintained to avoid a problem. We serve the entire local area with coolant services that will keep things running properly. Bring your vehicle today, and drive away with confidence that your coolant system is ready to do its job well.