Arrive Alive in Columbus

July 25, 2021

We've all seen drivers do crazy things while driving to or from Columbus. A guy shaving in the rear-view mirror, a woman applying makeup, people talking on their phones, texting or drinking from an enormous coffee mug. It's a wonder we even dare drive on Ohio roads.The truth is that all of us ar... More

Coolant/Antifreeze Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Columbus

July 18, 2021

Anyone who drives a car in Columbus knows that engines get hot when they run. But did you know that engines need to be cooled to keep running? Heat inside an engine can cause the metal parts to expand, which can seize up an engine and make it stop running. It can even ruin the entire engine! Goo... More

Differential Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Columbus: Viva la Difference

July 11, 2021

Every vehicle on Ohio roads has a differential, and it is important to the proper operation of the vehicle. But most Columbus residents don't have a clue what it is.The differential compensates for differing wheel speeds. For example, when you turn, the inside tire on the turn travels a much sh... More

Clean Fuel Equals Clean Performance for Columbus Drivers

July 4, 2021

Hello, Columbus residents. Let's talk fuel filters. Fuel filters clean the dirt, dust and debris out of your fuel. Both gasoline and diesel-powered engines have them. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine.Columbus auto owners don't need to filter their f... More